Write for Rover


We at Theo are utilizing Medium to create Rover, an online magazine discovering the world around us written by you. For you to begin writing for Rover, there are some introductory steps to get you online and published. Those steps are listed below:



1) To create a username, go to Medium.com and on the top right corner, click on the link for Sign in/ Sign up.


2) You will then be prompted for your email address. Once you have entered your email address, you will be sent a login email.


3) In the email address inbox you provided for logging in, you will have received a Finish Creating Your Account on Medium email. Open the email, and click the button that reads, Create account on Medium.


4) After clicking the button, you’ll be redirected to Medium.com whereby you’ll input your Full Name and Username. Then you’ll click Create Account.

5) Next you can select a number of topics of stories within Medium you’d like to read. You only need to select one but can select as many as you’d like.


6) When you’re finished selecting topics, on the top right of the page, click on the button Continue to continue onto the final step.


7) Then you’ll be taken to a page of a list of other Medium writers to follow. You can choose one or none. When you’re finished with the list of writers, click on the top right of the page where it reads Finish.


8) Your account and username are created. 


9) Please click the Submit Your Username button below to submit your username to the Rover editorial team. Please also include a two sentence bio of yourself and any social media usernames you would like to add at the end of your published articles. 


Now that you've created your Medium Username, Let us Know and we'll add you as an official Rover writer. 


Writing Your First Article


1) Once you have submitted your Medium username and you’ve been added to the Rover writing staff, go back to Medium.com.


2) Towards the top right of the page, in green colored font is a link that says Write a story. Click that link.


3) You’ll be taken to Medium’s word processor where you can begin writing your first draft.


4) Once you’ve written your draft, if you look towards the top right of the screen, to the left of the bell icon, there will be an ellipses icon. Click that ellipses icon.


5) A pop down menu will appear. You will click on the first option Add to publication.


6) Then a subsequent pop down menu will appear and there will be two options for publishing your draft: No publication and Rover. Click on Rover.


7) Then a button will appear for Submit Draft. Click on this button.


8) You will immediately receive a prompt informing you that your draft has been sent to Rover.


9) And from there, the Rover editorial team will begin the review process and make the necessary edits and communicate with you directly the status and needs of your piece.


10) And once we have come to a final draft of your piece, we will publish your story on Rover