Thank you for your interest in partnering with Theo by advertising on Rover. Our mission is to create rich and engaging content from a variety of voices from around the world. With an engaged audience, Rover is an ideal publication for your next digital ad campaign.





Available Ads:

  • 1 mid-page banner ad on the next Rover story or your next written piece

  • 4 mid-page banner ads on the next four Rover stories (can include one of your witten pieces)

  • 4 mid-page banner ads on 4 of your next written pieces

  • Featured Writer - One day per week for four consecutive weeks you can become a featured writer of Rover. Other stories can still be published on other days, but we will reserve a specific day of the week for your content. You will also be featured in our monthly e-newsletter as a featured writer. Each of your four stories will feature your mid-page banner ads


Perks of Ad Purchase:


  • Your ad will remain on the story for at least six months from the publishing date.

  • If you’ve written a piece, we will move your piece up in the publish queue to your desired date.

  • We will post all content that features your ad on our social media channels.

  • We will spend $10.00 on each of your personal stories towards social media ads featuring your content.






Dimensions: 800 x 276 @ 72 dpi.

RGB Color Space

Acceptable files: PNG, JPG


Please name your file:

LASTNAMEFIRSTNAME_ROVERAD_1 (or 2 if second ad submitted and so on...)


Send your completed artwork to: with the subject line: LASTNAMEFIRSTNAME_ROVERAD_1 (or 2 if second ad submitted and so on...)