How we got here

It's been a li'l over a decade in the making. From the Texas panhandle to a New York state of mind to the beauty of forgotten deserts in Arizona to incredibly long walks across Spain, we're here.

And who are we? I'm glad you asked.

My name's Remoy Philip and I'm a cofounder here at Theo. My cofounder in crime is Michael Rowley, and we're the ones who have been building Theo for about twelve years now. We may not have known it then when it all began, but that's when it started.

To be more clear, it started in Amarillo, Texas. With idealistic youthful creative dreams and heroic utopian aspirations combined, Michael and I regularly designed and photographed and shot shorts while all the while sharing a passion for making for a better world. And with that coupling of utopia and creativity we took the next logical step and decided to form our brand that would save the world and do so handsomely--Theodicy. 

That lasted about a week.

Then as age comes and as youth goes, we went on our way. Meaning--we, independently, both went far far away. I, Remoy, landed in New York where I pursued a creative writing degree and a career in design/copywriting. Michael, being the freelance videographer and photographer he is, professionally traipsed throughout the country capturing all he could find. But no matter how far away we went, we always stayed close. We always stayed friends and diligent thoughtful creatives who pushed each other. And we continued to share the same ethos and dreams.

Now it's come to a point. A resuscitation of sorts. A pairing of what was that initial bond of youth and desire with what has now aged into experience and technique. Independently we've both tackled both endeavors small and large. We've overseen and directed projects for companies in the profit and non-profit sectors throughout the world. We've created personal-passion projects that have won us acclaim and admiration. And we're ready and willing to breathe life into what was once young and bold and passionate that was Theodicy but with the confidence that only time can bring. 

And that is Theo.


-Remoy Philip