Championing the Short Film and the Short Filmmaker


Yes, it's never been easier to make short films, but, it's never been harder to have your short film be seen or appreciated. At Theo, we're here to change that with Mobile Micro--a traveling film festival that encourages filmmakers to engage their local communities in conversation and film.

For one evening, Mobile Micro collaborates with local venues and local art and cultural organizations to create a festival environment. Here, short filmmakers showcase and speak about their films. Local art and cultural organizations represent their causes and interact directly with their communities. And the audience and the filmmakers and the organizations band together for one night to create a tight-knit community that celebrates and enjoys the power and excitement of filmmaking.

We've showcased in New York. We're searching for films for our next festival in Toronto. And we're continually planning the next stops along our Mobile Micro tour.


MM: Toronto 2017

Coming Soon



MM: New York 2016



Previous Festival Selections




We need ambassadors for Mobile Micro. We need people to spread the word. We need to find new locations that are rich with creative talent. If you'd like to be an ambassador for Mobile Micro  or are a filmmaker who is interested in the festival, please click the Connect button below. 


Mobile Micro needs financial support. As an ongoing traveling film festival there are many needs that need to be met. From logistical planning to day of festival needs. To help financially support Mobile Micro, please click the Support button below