Meet Team Theo

Remoy Philip, Co-Founder

Remoy Philip is a New York based creative and project manager as well as co-founder of Theo. Remoy has worked creatively and professionally throughout the world all-the-while building strong relationships and experiences which he's proud to bring with him to Theo. 

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Michael Rowley, Co-Founder

Michael Rowley is a co-founder of Theo, filmmaker, photographer and writer. Michael has worked on assignment across the United States and internationally. His commitment to sharing stories of the human experience with respect and creativity paved the way for the foundation of Theo.

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What Does Theo Do?

Like we said Theo is an educational multimedia brand that creates bridges. Not physical commutable bridges, but innovative bridges that connect interesting and sometimes challenging subject matter to a ready and interested audience.

These bridges are comprehensive allowing the audience to feel the depth and breadth of the subject matter. They utilize traditional and modern channels of communication such as: film, print, and the world wide web. They are vibrant and compelling because the subjects and audiences deserve the highest quality means of education.

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