A Holiday Fundraiser with a Purpose

At Theo, we're always looking for innovative ways to tell stories while giving back to communities in need. So this past holiday season we created a fundraiser that did both. For every $5 raised, Theo would bake a specially crafted holiday cookie and give it to a person in need this holiday season. 

During the 2016 holiday season, the Theo family gave out 520 cookies in five cities throughout the country. Not only did we give out an incredible number of cookies, but we also connected with different homeless outreach organizations within those cities. What that allowed us to do was to support each of these organizations while helping them tell their stories and communicate their needs and the needs of the homeless within their areas. So it wasn't just about generosity and baking, but it was also about supporting and championing the incredible work being done around America each and every day. And that championing is the bridge building Theo is proud to do each and every day. 

Where the Cookies Went

More on the Cookie

Caraway GingerBread with a touch of salt

The holidays are never complete without that sweet and spicy bite of gingerbread. So this year we're honoring that tradition. But not only is this a traditional gingerbread cookie, but Brooklyn baker Zach Thompson has spiced up the flavor with a bit of caraway and topped it off with a dash of flaky salt to create the perfect mix of sweet and spice. It's an incredibly special cookie that we've crafted and we'd love for you to join us in giving this simple but timely gift to those in need this holiday season.


Meet Our Baker:
Zach Thompson

Hailing originally from Colorado, Zach has been cooking and baking professionally in New York City for three years. Zach is also a We're Hungry collaborator. And whether it's lion's mane mushrooms, fire roasted tomatillos, or sugary sweet pumpkin donuts, Zach possesses an almost infinite creativity for merging flavors and creating new dishes that has Brooklyn talking. It's always a pleasure to work with Zach, but it's an absolute pleasure to collaborate in order to give this special and important gift this holiday season.


Meet our Partner:
Perelandra Natural Foods

With 40 years in the heart of downtown Brooklyn, Perelandra Natural Foods is a local natural grocer that is always looking to do more for its community and customers. Each year, Perelandra donates over 50,000 lbs. of food to local organizations that help support those in need such as City Harvest, Food not Bombs, The Touch Dinner and more. Perelandra is proud to partner with Theo by providing the kitchen space for baking as well as the high quality ingredients in order to bring a special holiday gift to those in need this holiday season. 


Homelessness isn't just an urban issue. Homeless individuals are struggling everywhere and need help each and every day. There is no easy solution or one way to beat homelessness. 

But still, there are many organizations and groups and people throughout America working diligently with the homeless every day to bring hope and to find better solutions. And we at Theo are proud not only to bake cookies over the holidays, but we're humbled and excited to support a few of these diverse organizations, these heroes, and champion the innovative and important work they're doing each and every day. 


Teen Living Programs is a non-profit organization that has supported and strengthened Chicago’s most vulnerable young people for nearly 40 years.  We are the only agency in the city to focus solely on 14-24 year olds who are experiencing homelessness; and we offer comprehensive, year-round services to address everything from emergency needs and housing to education, job readiness, and embracing a healthy lifestyle.  Our services are available on Chicago’s south side, in neighborhoods of high poverty and violence and where critical supportive services are lacking.


Charleston: Lowcountry HOmeless Coalition

The mission of Lowcountry Homeless Coalition is to plan, develop and implement comprehensive and coordinated strategies to address and end homelessness.


Housing is a RIght

Lowcountry Homeless Coalition operates from a core belief that having a safe and secure place to call home is a basic human right. We believe that affordable, safe housing for everyone is a tangible goal, not only in our small corner of South Carolina but nationwide. Our day to day work is focused on realizing that goal throughout the Lowcountry area of South Carolina. We are person-centered and data driven, embracing housing practices that are proven to end homelessness while respecting individual choice.

Housing First

The Housing First model began in New York City, by an organization named Pathways to Housing, in the early 1990’s and has quickly been embraced internationally as a platform to successfully treat the causes of homelessness. By implementing this philosophy we are working to lower barriers to housing like sobriety or engagement in treatment in order to help people move into housing as quickly as possible. The only known cure for homelessness is housing and by making this the first step, stability can be achieved much more quickly and this creates an environment where supportive services are much more successful as well.

Our Work

At Lowcountry Homeless Coalition we work to ensure that all federal funding coming to our community for homeless services is being used to the greatest effect possible. We first identify the housing needs within our community through projects like the Point In Time count and ongoing outreach, and work towards creating services to fulfill those needs.  Through the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) we are able to track our results and better understand how to end homelessness in our community.


New York City: Urban Pathways

There are 66,000 New Yorkers without a home. Urban Pathways is working diligently daily to serve those New Yorkers and give them a home and hope each and every day. 


The Atlanta Children's Shelter

ACS prides itself in offering high quality programs and services at no cost to the homeless families that they serve. ACS provide homeless parents with life-long skills to succeed and they give homeless children a love for learning that will help motivate them for years to come. 


ACS Values

ACS addresses the needs of the entire family and provides all services free of charge in return for the family's commitment to self-sufficiency as well as their commitment of time and energy. 

Matt Urban Hope Center

In 2011, Buffalo and Erie County had almost 400 individuals experiencing chronic homelessness. Today, in 2016, that number fluctuates but holds steady at around 30.  

In mid 2015, Western New York was one of a handful of regions throughout the country that achieved First Lady Michelle Obama’s goal of ending veteran’s homelessness. A system has now assured that any veteran experiencing homelessness is quickly assessed and able to access permanent housing in well under 90 days within WNY.  

The Matt Urban Hope Center acts as a one stop shop serving the Broadway-Fillmore community located on the Eastside of Buffalo, NY. Its programming includes an array of services that address the basic needs of families, individuals, and those experiencing homelessness.

Buffalo City Mission

For over 100 years, the Buffalo City Mission has met the spiritual and practical needs of the poor through the demonstration of Christ’s love and the preaching of the Gospel. Providing more than 170,000 meals per year to the hurting and homeless in the Western New York area, the Buffalo City Mission (BCM) believes that hope starts with a meal. By also providing shelter, emergency, and transitional services, the BCM believes in helping to transform the entire person, from the inside – out. 

To help end hunger and homelessness in WNY will take all of us—individuals, businesses, churches, service groups and foundations—and we believe that the “City of Good Neighbors” and our surrounding friends will help us do just that. Help us help others today by learning more about what we do at the Buffalo City Mission, or help us today by donating – just $1.98 will provide someone in need of hope with a meal to help them begin their journey.


Meet Our Producers

We did this together. We did this as a team, a collective, a family. A family of inspiring, hard working, generous, courageous, thoughtful, caring, bridge building individuals who believed in giving hope and humanity this holiday season. He are some of the incredible people apart of this family.


Liz Montgomery

Christopher Bromson

Serve M.E. Now

J. Hunter Construction Inc.

Justin and Rene

Alexandra Demetriades

Narina Jabari



Ahmed Qadir

Angela Mathew

Dr. Mitch Zientz

Glen Waggoner

Easton Klein

Val Paolini

Remi + Gold


Makeda HInds

Brittaney Harden

Lee Robson Spence

Chantal Lee

Marty & Cindy Rowley

Lashawn Butler

Alyson Weigle

Richard Phelps

Jessica Felt

Kyla Applegate

Cinelle Barnes

Joshua Cooper

Michelle Caganap

Bryan Tatis

Anna Hernandez-French


Ben Carson

Deborah Coffee


Joel Bell

Allison B

Tariq Kidwai

Bill De Blasio

Peyton Harrison & Celeste Lai

Francis Pena


Jaycie Plett

Curtis Gibson

Concetta Starr


Wendy Bryan

Ella Move

Jana Ross

Tom Allen

Romane Charles

Chris Randalls

Hannah Dowdy