Why Bridges?

At Theo, we believe there are these divides--divides between ideas, between groups, between individuals. With Theo, our goal is to cross these divides via our content that we call Bridges. Not only do we want these Bridges to be educational and informational, but we also want them to be entertaining. We work tirelessly to beautifully engineer these Bridges in order to respect the ideas, groups and people they connect.

So below are the Bridges we've been working on. We're humbled to share them with you, and we're absolutely proud to continue our dedicated work in building these Bridges.


On January 21st, 2017, women from around the world joined together to march united. What began as the Women's March on Washington turned into one of the largest collective rallies in the world. The rally was created for women by women and became known as the Women's March Around the World.

To better tell the story of the marches, Theo surveyed people who attended. AfterTheMarch is the bridge that showcases the results.


In the shadow of a wall stands a new generation of Palestinian. With defiant creativity they prove that no matter the height of the obstacle, one can always climb.

Learn more about this inspiring bridge in the documentary film  Hurdle.

At Theo, we're always looking for innovative ways to tell stories while giving back to communities in need. So we've created a fundraiser that does both. We'll be handing out cookies to the homeless and telling the stories of some of the organizations throughout the country that are doing incredible homeless outreach work each and every day.

This is Cookies for Homies Without Homes


The MASKulinity podcast is an inclusive, constructive, honest conversation about masculinity and how this construct affects all of us each and every day. From conversations on Hollywood and sports to conversations with individuals doing inspiring work, this podcast is here to help us redefine masculinity.

Listen to the MASKulinity Podcast here.

It's never been more easy to create short films: shot from your phone, edited on your home computer and premiered online for the world to see. But even in that big online world, those short films get lost in the shuffle.

With Mobile Microwe don't want your audience to forget. No. We want them to celebrate. Because your film, your work, and your creativity deserves to be celebrated. So we've created a touring film festival that focuses on filmmakers in the city they reside.

When we're done at one stop, we'll get back on the road and do it all over again.

We've sent rovers out to explore the moon. We're watching as a rover now discovers Mars. As our technology grows, so does our hunger for discovery.

At Theo, we've designed a publication written by people who have something to say about their world. People who are parents, business owners, film buffs, travelers, or who are just absolutely concerned about the state of our current world.

This is the Rover discovering our world, written by explorers.


Let's take the lid off of food culture and entrust the future of our food to the next generation of thinkers and creators.

We're Hungry: A Guide to Food Responsibility and a Future in Food is a guidebook of all things food told by those currently working in the food-industry. Through their biographies, industry insights or how their understanding of food has changed, this is the food world's words to empower creators and eaters to be responsible in their food habits and futures.